Atomic Electricity:

The Molten Salt LFTR Supply Chain

A vertically-integrated supply chain has been formed.  First,  the Germany-based manufacturing joint venture recreates and validates all molten salt reactor (MSR) technology developed in the U.S. during the 50s and 60s in conjunction with an India-based system integration joint venture.  This MSR technology is then combined in Germany with pertinent new scientific advances to build 200 MW(e) and 100 MW(e) small modular power generators.  The builder in Germany sells its generator “kits” to the system integrator in India.  The system integrator in India then assembles each power generator for testing verification and export licensing from the AERB, the India nuclear regulator.  The India-based system integrator then sells each 200 MW(e) and 100 MW(e) power generator along with the requisite fuel and fluoride salts to SA LFTR Energy LLC, the MS-LFTR operator that has organized a South African LFTR Guild which trains and oversees a paramilitary cadre of professionals that install and operate these power generators in Host Countries, in fulfillment of long-term power purchase agreements for their electricity with local distribution grids as well as individual heavy power users.